Church Websites: Be Present. Have an accurate online presence.

For businesses and organisations in our world today, having an online presence is indispensable. Online presence simply means representing ..

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6 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Website Maintenance Post Covid-19

Building a successful business in this era will often require you to have a website. Having a website plays a crucial role in determining whether a ..

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About Author

Jason is a self-taught Web designer who picked up web design skills in a freak accident. in 2016, Jason was playing basketball with some youths when he ended up with a torn knee ligament. With his leg in a knee brace for months, recovery was tough and boring. That’s when Jason started to pick up web development skills online, which helped him to regain confidence and hope.

Having experienced the restoration and empowerment of gaining a new skill set, his vision is to see the same in youths who are searching for their purpose in life. However, he takes it a step further to intentionally mentor youths in the process. Because while imparting skills can uplift lives, it is relationships that can transform hearts.