7 Best Website Design Companies in Singapore

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, finding the right website design company in Singapore is crucial for businesses and individuals looking to establish a strong online presence. Whether you're revamping…

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Is it worth it? My Honest Elementor Pro Review 2023

Elementor boasts about what it offers on their Pro plugin as compared to the free one on their own website. I feel that I’m ready to bring it a little ..

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What should eCommerce websites in Singapore be built on?

eCommerce websites are getting adopted by many shops. Shops along Orchard Road, the hottest retail location in Singapore, is now being moved online and hosted on eCommerce websites. But there…

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Why A Good Webdesign Is Critical For Your Business

With easy to use webbuilders like Wix, Webflow and even WordPress we see an increase in people who don’t want to spend money on a ..

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Website Design in Singapore: Price Guide 2023

With over 5 million Singaporeans using the internet in 2021, any business that wants to tap into this market successfully needs a website.

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Shopify Vs Wix – which website builder should you choose

If you intend to start building a website for your business in 2021, you will have to draw comparisons between the web builders available ...

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Free Church Website Templates (Elementor)

You might be tasked by your church as a volunteer to build a website for your church. For someone with no or little web design experience, it can ..

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Is it possible to DIY Elementor my own website well?

Yes and No. There’s no direct answer for hustlers who are wanting to DIY Elementor your website. This article will point you to ..

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Our vision to transform a town through web design: A Social Enterprise in Thailand

It’s not any other town that we’re working with as a social enterprise. It’s a town riddled with prostitution, drugs, abuse, and other crimes..

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How to increase your website accessibility for users with disabilities

According to World Bank statistics, 15% of the world population (over 1 billion) live with some form of disability. The increase in the number ..

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Jason is a self-taught Web designer who picked up web design skills in a freak accident. in 2016, Jason was playing basketball with some youths when he ended up with a torn knee ligament. With his leg in a knee brace for months, recovery was tough and boring. That’s when Jason started to pick up web development skills online, which helped him to regain confidence and hope.

Having experienced the restoration and empowerment of gaining a new skill set, his vision is to see the same in youths who are searching for their purpose in life. However, he takes it a step further to intentionally mentor youths in the process. Because while imparting skills can uplift lives, it is relationships that can transform hearts.