eCommerce websites are getting adopted by many shops. Shops along Orchard Road, the hottest retail location in Singapore, is now being moved online and hosted on eCommerce websites. But there are many options for your eCommerce platform – it can be built on WordPress, Wix or a custom-made website like React.

Developing your eCommerce website means making decisions that you may not be familiar with as an entrepreneur without web development or programming expertise. Thus we’ll be talking to you about the difference between Wix, WordPress and React.

Use WordPress if you’re new and starting out

Let’s get straight to the point. All three options are fine but WordPress is probably your best bet if you’re a small business in Singapore. One reason is because of the PSG Grant for eCommerce web design and development. It’s a government grant for small businesses in Singapore to get rebated up to 70% off for any eCommerce website design services engaged with a pre-approved local company.

Second, WordPress is super easy to use. As a non-programmer, you’re not going to be familiar with HTMl, CSS and Javascript which you’ll need in order to make changes to a React website yourself. Majority of eCommerce development agencies and developers in Singapore specialise in WordPress too. React is mostly left to programmers and Wix is only used to come up with sketches and designs to showcase to clients.

Also, WordPress has many good features such as adding plugins easily. For instance, if you’re looking to incorporate an abandoned cart feature into an eCommerce website design that you already have, you can use any plugin compatible with WooCommerce and have your eCommerce store be up and running in no time!

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