Elementor boasts about what it offers on their Pro plugin as compared to the free one on their own website. I feel that I’m ready to bring it a little deeper to share from personal experience, how I’ve grown to love Elementor Pro. Hope you would love my Elementor Pro review!

As an experienced Elementorist, having worked on the platform for the past 5 years, I can attest to the power of Elementor Pro as written in the article linked above. Still, I want to bring it further by sharing even more subtle benefits of Elementor Pro that most people don’t notice. I’ll like to give an inside look at the mechanics of Elementor Pro.

1. Fewer Addon Plugins Needed

By now you might have noticed that there’s a huge market of Elementor add-on widget plugins in the market. They serve to add more useful widgets to your Elementor dashboard. These plugins provide added design elements, animations, as well as basic functions like forms, timeline, and member login. Whatever you need, there’s always an add-on plugin for it.

However, the big issue is with the backend bloat that it causes when you add such plugins. Most users are so excited with the free add-on widget plugins and they start activating one whole plugin just for 1 of its functions. What it ends up doing is slowing down the website and even potentially cause some code conflicts. It will impact your SEO and UX significantly.

What Elementor Pro does is it adds new Pro widgets regularly and they drastically reduce the need for you to resort to additional plugins. The more you dabble in site speed optimisation, the more you will understand the negative impact of deadweight plugins.

2. Edit Custom CSS Easily

Most Elementor users are not CSS experts. It’s a very valuable skill to develop in tandem with Elementor but it is amazing that Elementor makes it so easy for users to implement CSS changes.

The Custom CSS feature allows you to easily add CSS code into each widget, column, section, and page. The ‘Selector’ function also helps you to set specialised CSS settings for each element on your site, and not affect the whole page. Its Custom CSS feature also provides error prompts so that new CSS learners can catch their mistakes easily and input the correct classes, IDs, and CSS commands. Very user-friendly and easily accessible as well.

3. Speed Up Your Work Flow

Elementor Pro gives users access to their Theme Builder, which allows you to gain elementor access and control over some of the theme pages that you would previously not be able to. Also, it gives you the ability to create Header and Footer templates that can be applied on either all of your pages or if you set certain conditions, you can control which Header or Footer appears on which kind of page.

The powerful aspect of this Theme Builder is that you can make changes to your header and footer on the Theme Builder templates, and it will effect change on all of the pages in your website. Gone are the days where you will have to access each page and change it manually. Imagine of you run a 100-page website, the kind of work flow nightmare you would have to face!

The Conditions function also helps you to set certain templates for certain situations. Especially if you intend to build popups that will only appear when users make a certain action on your page. Popup Builder is only available for Elementor Pro users too. All built together on one platform, it makes it easy for web builders to simplify their workflow.

4. Add Custom Fonts Easily

Adding custom fonts are made much easier on the Elementor Pro platform, which saves a lot of time and gives the designer more breathing space to use unique fonts that represent their organization well. Elementor Pro has many such elements that I personally think is very powerful because it reduces the number of processes to make essential design changes to the website. It reduces the chance for error or code conflict between theme and plugin, or between plugins.

Especially if you are working with a team and not alone, it’s safer to have a common agreement on how things like adding custom fonts can be done, so as to reduce the chances of technical errors or even potential security breaches from dabbling with FTP and accessing the file manager on Cpanel.

5. Create Single Post Templates

For bloggers, this function will be of paramount importance to you. Especially if you have different post types that would require different post layouts. Through Theme Builder you can build unique Single Post Templates and use the Conditions function to limit the template to a certain category of posts.

It also helps that you can optimise these templates for site speed and for SEO, and the benefits of the optimisation will be shared with each post that uses these templates. Now you can think about how each blog topic might need a different layout and be able to execute it with ease.

Elementor Pro, the Perfect Plugin?

There are always weaknesses and areas of improvement. Personally, I make such decisions about a plugin by looking at the regularity of their updates, and how often they add new functions based on the feedback they gain from users. We all love businesses that listen to their users, don’t we?

One key weakness of Elementor, not just its Pro version but even the Free version, is the amount of code that will be added to the page through the Elementor plugin. Inexperienced web developers will add the Elementor Plugin, together with a couple of other Elementor Add-ons, and end up with a website that scores very badly on Google PageSpeed Insights. It seems like Elementor is to take the full blame for the slowness and inefficiency of the website.

However, there are site speed optimisation techniques that can be deployed to restore your Google PageSpeed score, and help your site rank better on the search engine. Rather than blaming Elementor, which is understandably bloated for it’s page building function, the low scoring for site speed can be attributed to a lack of experience in optimisation. Therefore, Elementor Pro might not be the most intuitive or foolproof in the area of site speed optimisation for beginners.

My Elementor Pro Review Conclusion

elementor pro review conclusion
Nowadays, it’s much easier to build your dream site

Elementor Pro has grown over the years, catching up on user expectations, and improving user experience. It has transformed the web development process of many professionals, and they continue to be a leading voice in the drag-and-drop builder arena. While picking up Elementor is easy, mastering it requires a whole lot of other skills, of which you can definitely acquire along the way. Its pro version will start to make a lot of sense to web developers once they get a hang of the typical challenges they face in building a website.

If you happen to be running an Elementor-built website and is struggling in managing the platform yourself over time, do consider getting professionals to help you, because the importance of good maintenance on an Elementor-Built site cannot be emphasized enough. Elementor Pro can add to your functionalities and improve your workflow, but Elementor only gives you a good start. To truly finish well amongst the intense competition online, securing help from professionals in niche areas will make all the difference. For reference, you can take a look at our web care packages to have a sense of what professionals can offer you.

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